Unit 1-Intro to number concepts (to 5)

This is day two of the Unit. The TEKS are K.2 A-E with a focus on representing, counting numbers 1 to 5 (to 5, for the sake of the unit) through number recognition, generating sets, and subitizing.

First of all, this is a new year for Dual Language Kindergarten teachers. This year we will be teaching math in Spanish, for the first time. I cannot express, enough, how excited about this, I am! Why? No, is not because I am a native Spanish speaker and, by default, I am more comfortable teaching in Spanish. It is because, I believe, MATH learning occurs naturally in a person’s native language. This means, that young ELL students will feel more successful at math, counting, representing numbers etc, if they can do this in their native language.

School has started and the Unit 1 is already being unfolded. We have gone over procedures to use the number tracks, and the manipulatives and we have already begun using Unifix blocks to count to 5.

On our first day at school, (yesterday) while we organized our classroom and learned procedures, we filled our small pencil boxes to store our 5 crayons (students could pick any color they like but they could only pick 5) and the promise is to give them 5 more every start of the week until we get to 20 (lets see if they can keep track of how many weeks it took to get the 20). We “organized” a box of Unifix blocks in groups of 5, “because we wanted them to fit in the blocks bin”. Students had a blast getting their hands messy with shaving cream, writing numbers to 5.. and at the end of the day we stacked chairs on stacks of five; because 5 is a reasonable pile of chairs and stacking more is unsafe (or so I made them believe).

Tomorrow, we’ll introduce number talk, use dots and five frames and we will be doing dot subitizing too. And because Wells Branch is now an Art Integration Academy, we will be creating bracelets of 5 and do more number art!

I am very very excited about this year at WBE AIA and our new Dual Language model!




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